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Do you consider yourself to be empathetic and patient? Do you find helping others satisfying and rewarding? If you answered yes to both questions, than working in healthcare sector is the right choice for you. Whether you prefer an elderly care, a child care or a household care, we can help you.

Why us?

Individual approach

Competitive rates of pay

Transport from door to door

FREE meals and accommodation

24/7 online customer service line in case of an emergency

No intermediary or registration fees

Join our team of keen care assistants and find out about quality of our services and friendly approach that rank us between TOP personal consulting companies on the European market in the realm of mediating of jobs or services.



Contact form

Make the first step and complete our contact form, possibly upload your CV and we will contact you.

Phone call

After receiving the contact form we will call you for add important information about you and to verify the level of your language skills.

Intermediary contract

The contract that we send you to sign because of a consent to the processing of personal data for the purposes to mediate you an opportunity to provide jobs or services.


You will receive a Description of demand for jobs or services including the information about the client and the conditions. In case you show an interest in the offer, we send your profile to the client.

Client's consent

The client has a maximum of 7 days on receipt of your profile to declare for or against. If they choose you, we proceed with all the necessary administration and you can travel over the next few days. If they do not choose you, process does not stop and we search further.


We can arrange for you a comfortable transport from your home directly to the client's.


Please select the question to see the answer.

Nothing, you do not pay any intermediary or registration fees. We offer you a free use of our services.

Yes, it is necessary to speak at least at a basic level of the foreign language required for the country that you want to travel to. The good knowledge of foreign language can be a huge advantage for fast positioning as well as better salary.

No, accredited certificate from a health care course is an advantage, but it is not essential, as well as experience with care giving, that need to be supported by references.

The amount of your salary depends on the place of provision of job or service, your language skills and last but not least, care taker's health state, and thus the overall difficulty of an individual position.

Yes, we have offers for male candidates, however the waiting time for positioning might be a little longer.

1-3 months in principle, however the length of particular stay/rotation depends on the place of provision of job or service and individual clients' requirements.

Type of the employment depends on a particular job or service offer, as well as the country where you want to travel. You can find more detailed information in Requirements.

Good knowledge of required foreign language, not smoking as well as driving licence are a huge advantage for candidate within the selection process.

Do you have another question?
Please contact us at +421 473 211 276



When you want to provide jobs or services as a caregiver, there is certain criteria that have to be met. For more information please select:


"I have started to cooperate with Slowiss agency from July 2014 and I am very satisfied with their services and professional approach. Consultants are available 24 hours every day, no matter what the problem is, or if I only need to talk to someone, when I am homesick. Thanks to the Slowiss agency I had a chance to see one of the most beautiful places in Europe, Luzern. Also, while working there, I have met amazing people that otherwise I would not meet. My client was a pleasant old woman, I like her a lot and also her family. I would like to say "Merci" to Slowiss for their human approach and high level of professionallity, for their willingness to help in difficult moments."

- Barbora Remperova, Caregiver


"My name is Ivona Sedajova and I have worked as a caregiver in Switzerland for 5 years already. I also worked as a caregiver in Austria for a while. There has been also many nice and funny moments at my work, I could have written a bestseller with things I have experienced. I would like to say some words to the Slowiss agency and that is that the employees in the agency are very supportive and helpful. Whenever any problem has occurred they were there to sort it out. I will always recommend Slowiss agency to my friends."

- Ivona Sedajova, Caregiver


"Thanks to the Slowiss agency I found work in Switzerland and I was very satisfied. It is a long time to work for three months, but Slowiss made it more pleasant for me, they gave me a contact for one nice woman and we have became great friends. We were helping each other and we had shared some nice moments. Compare to the other agencies, Slowiss is always available and they do care not only about families and clients but also about us, the caregivers."

- Dana Gronkova, Caregiver