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Are you a nurse, a midwife or a doctor searching for an opportunity abroad? Do you feel not appreciated and rewarded at your current position? If you have chosen one of the above mentioned professions because of your desire to make a difference in real people's life, we have a solution for you.

Why us?

Individual approach

Excellent rates of pay

Assistance with registration procedure

Reimbursment of registration fee

24/7 online customer service line in case of an emergency

No intermediary or registration fees

We mediate an opportunity to provide jobs or services for all grades of nurses, midwives and doctors. No time to waste, join our professional team abroad and enjoy industry leading pay rates and excellent work environment. Our team of devoted recruitment consultants will assist you with finding the right position for you.



Contact form

Make the first step and complete our contact form or upload your CV and we will contact you.

Phone call

After receiving the contact form we will call you to add important information about you and to verify the level of your language skills.

Intermediary contract

The contract that we send you to sign because of a consent to the processing of personal data for the purposes to mediate you an opportunity to provide jobs or services.


We e-mail you list of documents required for your qualification recognition and potential registration that allow you to perform your profession abroad.


We create your professional curriculum vitae with your current photography that we will send to your potential employer.


you receive a description of demand for jobs and services including the information about the vacancy as well as provision of job or service conditions.


In case you are interested in the offer, we inform your potential employer and proceed with all the necessary administration including concluding an employment or any other similar contract.

Start date

After completing of all the necessary administration we arrange the date you can start to provide job or service and the transport.


Please select the question to see the answer.

Yes, If you want to work without any restrictions as a nurse or a doctor, you need a state licence. The competent authorities will assess the equivalence of your qualification with the corresponding foreign qualifications within the framework of a licencing procedure.

Based on your qualifications, training and experience, you may be eligible to apply. For a specific information about eligibility go to Requirements.

3-4 months is the standard application/registration process, depending on where and when was your qualification taken.

The fee depends upon the individual country that you wish to register at, however we will help you with the registration and the cost.

You can get a job in various healthcare centres, private hospitals, schools, universities, nursing home etc. in Switzerland, Germany, Austria or United Kingdom.

The amount of your salary depends on the place of provision of job or service and your profession.

Do you have another question Please contact us at +421 473 211 276



When you are planning to work in medical sector, there is certain criteria that have to be met, among others:

Your ability to speak the language

Your current qualifications and the country which you obtain them

Registration at appropriate association

For more detailed information please select: