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Do you have any difficulties finding qualified nurses, midwives or doctors? Are you searching for reliable business partner that will help you to find them? Do not worry, you have just found one.

Why us?

First class care

Swiss precision

Innovative recruitment process

Experienced and devoted personnel

Exchange guarantee in case of dissatisfaction

With ease

Quality and reliability of our services is ranking us among the top personnel mediation companies on the European market. We have available for you medical personnel from whole Europe thanks to free movement of services in the European union. Join our satisfied clients and business partners to appreciate the simplicity of whole process, minimum effort and legal security that you get from us.



Slowiss has headquarters within whole Middle and Eastern Europe. We provide you complex services in the area of mediation of jobs or services and provision of medical personnel. Within the recruitment process we put emphasis on:


Interpersonnal skills

Achieved qualification

Previous experience

Language skills


In case you decide to use mediation service, we search for you suitable candidates that meet your requirements and subsequently you can conclude an employment contract with them.

Benefits of mediation

Time and cost saving

Optimisation of recruitment process

Professional and individual approach

Qualified personnel selection

Employee exchange in case of leaving

If you wish to verify employee's skills before concluding an employment contract with them, this service is aimed for you. It offers you even bigger flexibility and elimination of risk to select unsuitable candidate.

Benefits of try and hire


Possibility to choose the length of probationary period

Personnel and salary agenda

Exchange guarantee in case of dissatisfaction

Temporary work, so called personal leasing is a service that offers you an opportunity to lease employees at required time and quantity at times when it it not worth for you to conclude an employment contract with them.

Benefits of temporary workers


Cost's reduction

Qualified personnel selection

Personnel and salary agenda

Exchange guarantee in case of dissatisfaction



„Slowiss has been our partner since summer 2O14. They provide an outstanding customer service and fast reaction to our requests. Caregivers from Slowiss are always nice and dependable with good experience. We are convinced that we have picked the right personnel agency to make our side of work much easier.“

- Dominik Borner, head of the recruitment of Prime Human Resource, Switzerland, WWW.PRIMECARE.CH

„We would like to thank you for the flawless cooperation. We have been very satisfied with your services and would recommend your personnel agency further. We are pleased with your friendly communication and speed of the whole process. Your team of professional customer services has many times solved critical situation very fast.“

- Zdenka Ulicna, director of Betreut, a.s, Slovakia, WWW.GUTES-HERZ.CH

„With the Slowiss agency we have managed very succesful and long lasting cooperation. We highly recommend this agency also due to the fact of their positive approach and friendly customer service. Their reliability and the speed of the service have been important aspects for us during the whole time.“